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A Print and Digital Media Platform

Magic Valley Publishing is a family-operated full-service print and digital media platform that offers access to the mid-south’s top local publications. We deliver high-quality news coverage to you through online newspaper subscriptions, as well as physical newspaper print subscriptions. Taking advantage of today’s modern digital technology, we also offer digital and print marketing services that can help you organically grow your business’s presence both online and in the local paper of your choice.

Magic Valley Publishing publishes seven local newspapers throughout the mid-south region:

  • The Camden Chronicle

  • Carroll County News-Leader

  • The Crockett County Times

  • The Lake County Banner

  • Family Classifieds

  • Buffalo River Review

  • The News-Democrat

  • The Chester County Independent

  • The Covington Leader

  • The Dresden Enterprise

  • The Wayne County News

  • The Millington Star

  • The Germantown News and Shelby Sun-Times

As a print and digital media platform that takes full advantage of digital technology as well as traditional print services, there is no better place to get local news and advertising services for your business. Get an online newspaper subscription, take advantage of our digital and print marketing services, or obtain a traditional newspaper print subscription. Magic Valley Publishing is committed to delivering the highest-quality news coverage, exclusive online content, and marketing services to those in the mid-south states of Kentucky and Tennessee.

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